How to Recover Saved Games on PS4

“Is there any way that I could get saved games from PS4 disk after deletion? If so, then please guide me on how to recover saved games on PS4 without any further damage. Any suggestion would be helpful Thank you in advance!”

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When you are into gaming world, there are few questions that are very much important to know, which console to use, which is particularly cheap and good to use. In this competition, so far PS4 has managed to snag itself an early lead in the console generation. Users prefer using PS4 rather than PS3 because, PS4 has all the upgraded features that are lacking in PS3 with new games included in PS4 which makes users prefer PlayStation 4.

Unfortunately due to many causes users end up losing games stored in PS4. If you’re lucky enough and the games are stored in cloud storage, then it is very easy to restore them back and if not, then it will be quite difficult for PS4 users to restore saved games. But here is the solution.

Saved games on PS4 will be recovered easily in few minutes with the help of YupTools Recover Hard Drive Utility.

YupTools Recover Hard Drive is a powerful games recovery software, which holds the ability of restoring saved games on PS4 more quickly and easily. Even if you’re not proficient in using tools, you still can recover saved games on PS4 on you own. As this tool has simple and user friendly graphical user interface (GUI). Only with few simple clicks you will be able to see all your deleted or missing games from PlayStation 4 back. Using this software you can even restore deleted partition files in minutes!

  • If the games are deleted from Library intentionally or unintentionally
  • Uninstalling of the games
  • Storing more number of games on PS4 when the disk memory is full will sometimes erases saved games
  • If the PS4 gaming console is failed
  • Deleting the application ‘saved data file’ will permanently erase the saved games on PS4

And many other causes can be responsible for losing saved games on PS4, but with the aid of YupTools Recover Hard Drive Tool you will find the complete solution of recovering games on PS4 disk in a short interval of time. Below given are few simple steps that will show you how to recover saved games on PS4 easily -

Guide to Retrieve Saved Games on PS4

Step 1. Download YupTools Recover Hard Drive Software on your Windows computer

Step 2. Connect PS4 disk to the software installed system, run the software and select “Recover Drives” option and then choose “Partition Recovery” option

Step 3. Now software will ask you to select the drive from where you want to recover games, select PS4 hard disk and click on “Next” option to start the recovery process

Step 4. Wait for some time, once the recovery process is finished a list of recovered games will be displayed

Step 5. View retrieved files using “Preview” option and save by clicking on “Save” option

Main Features of YupTools Recovery Tool

  • YupTools Recover Hard Drive Software can be downloaded on Windows 10 / 8 / 8.1 / 7 / XP / Vista / Server 2012 / Server 2008 and Windows Serve 2003
  • It supports recovery of games from different hard disk interfaces like SATA, SCSI, ATA and IDE with FAT / NTFS file system
  • Recovered gaming files can be categorized on the basis of its name, size and date
  • This tool will even help you recover data from failed SSD drives, corrupted or formatted hard drives of all popular brands
  • ‘Save Recovery Session’ option will help you stop / restart recovery process anytime
  • YupTools Recover Hard Drive Software is not only limited to recovery of games, instead you can even use this tool to restore photos, videos, movies, music, audio and many other documents


  • Do not frequently delete and install games on PS4
  • Check twine before deleting any saved games
  • Saving games on cloud storage will help you reinstall the games again

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