Recover Windows 7 Hard Drive

If your Windows 7 hard drive is damaged or corrupted, or your system is infected by a malicious virus due to which you are not able to access any files and folders stored in hard drive, then you can restore Windows 7 hard drive to its original condition using a powerful and result oriented Windows 7 hard drive recovery software known as YupTools Recover Hard Drive. It is a one stop solution for all your Windows 7 hard disk issues!

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But before going for Windows 7 hard drive recovery software, please check if you have Windows 7 data backup? In case, if you have complete copy of files stored in your hard disk, then you are in a safer side. If not, then it is strongly recommended to make use of above mentioned software for recovering Windows 7 hard drive files and folders easily without losing any kind of data stored in it!

Perform Safe Recovery of Hard Drive using YupTools!

  • YupTools Recover Hard Drive assures you that no damage will be caused to you files while recovering damaged hard disk, corrupted or formatted Windows 7 hard drive. Software works on Read – Only mode, so you can be tension free about your data stored in your Windows 7 computer
  • It is free from all kinds of foreign threats like viruses, spyware or malware infections

Value Added Services from YupTools!

  • Demo version of YupTools Recover Hard Drive is available for free. Download it for free!!!
  • After the Windows 7 hard drive recovery process, you can check retrieved files and folders from hard drive using “Preview” option that is enabled with this utility
  • “Save Recovery Session” option helps you resume your Windows 7 hard drive recovery process, and anytime you can restart it. This option will be available even in demo version also
  • Finally, you can save retrieved Windows 7 hard drive data can be saved using “Save” option. You will be enabled to access this feature when you install licensed version of YupTools Recover Hard Drive application onto your system
  • Overall, instead of testing through its demo version, download the licensed version itself because software is available at affordable price and provides greater security to your data stored in it. Try it Now!!!!

Unique Features of YupTools Recover Hard Drive Software:

  • Strong built in algorithm which makes it possible to get back Windows 7 hard drive in few simple steps
  • User interface is so easy that anyone can download and use this tool for performing Windows 7 hard drive recovery process without anyone’s help
  • Entire files and folder can be restored using this program. You can find and retrieve images, music files, movies, audio files, and many other documents stored in Windows 7 hard disk in a couple of easy steps
  • Supports SCSI, ATA, SATA and IDE hard drive interfaces that Windows 7 is having, and FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT file system can be recovered
  • And more…

Windows 7 Hard Drive Issues:

  • When you perform any actions or try to open certain files stored on your Windows 7 computer, your system might crash or program may get freeze
  • Windows 7 system might get hang when you try to access any files. This problem might occur because there might be any errors on your Windows 7 hard disk
  • Improper way of performing partitioning or repartitioning of the drive
  • Frequent format and reformat operations may damage your hard disk, and the result will be as you will not be allowed to access any sort of data stored in it
  • You might get this error saying “Windows failed to start error 0xc000000f” and system will not boot further, this might be due to hard drive failure
  • If the MBR of the system is failed, then your hard drive will get corrupted

Pay Attention To:

  • Do not download any data recovery software to the same device after losing files from it
  • Avoid carrying out any kinds of operations
  • Do not format or re-format the disk
  • Avoid saving new files to the same drive, as this will cause overwriting of the removed one’s

There can be many reasons for Windows 7 hard drive corruption, damage or failing but solution stands only one ie, YupTools Recover Hard Drive. Using which you will be able to find and restore Windows 7 hard drive data successfully!!!!

Get Back Hard Drive Data Using YupTools!!

  • Select "Recover Drives" from the first screen
  • Next either select "Partition Recovery" or "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option
  • Click on "Next" otpion
  • Now, select Windows 7 hard drive and start recovery process
  • Wait for few minutes...
  • Once the recovery process is completed, a set of files from hard drive will be retrieved
  • Check using "Preview" and use "Save" option to store retrieved data

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