RAW External Hard Drive Recovery

The external hard drive became RAW suddenly. Well, this is a very common yet bewildered problem. It can be nerve-wracking to know that all your important data may be lost forever. Like any similar circumstances in life, the best response is to this is - Do not panic! If approached carefully and sensibly, the situation can be solved and the data can be rescued easily. In this article, we will look at the causes and fixes on Windows 10.

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What Does External HDD RAW Mean?

A drive turning RAW means, the file system is not recognized by the Windows. Hence, all the file system drivers will not be able to mount the file system as a drive. This happens when the boot sector or the partition table is corrupted or damaged.

What Causes the External Hard Drive to Turn RAW?

The most common reason for an external HDD to become RAW is when it is disconnected from the PC without using Safely Remove Hardware option. This can occur in many ways like power failure, temporary disconnection of the USB hub, unplugging the external drive from AC adapter or from USB port and many other similar situations lead to this problem. You’ll get an error message as below:


When you see such error message DO NOT FORMAT the drive. Doing so will clean the data off the drive. Hence, the first this to do is to recover the files and then format it to reuse the drive. Use Yup Tool Recover Hard Drive utility to retrieve data from the RAW external disk. Apart from RAW drives, with this tool, you can easily get back files from corrupted flash drives, memory card, SD card and other external storage drives.

Recover Data from RAW External Hard Drive

  • Download and install the software and connect the RAW external hdd. Now, launch the program and select Recover Drive and then Formatted / Re-Formatted Recovery.
  • Next, select the external hard disk from the list of drives. The software begins to scan the drive to locate the data.
  • The found data will be displayed which can be previewed.
  • Finally save the recovered data to a different location.

Now that your important data recovered, next step is to fix RAW external hard drive. This is done by formatting it to NTFS file system.

Format RAW External Hard Drive to NTFS Using Command Prompt

Type cmd in the search box. Right click on the Command Prompt and select Run as administrator. Now type the following command and press Enter after each command

  • Diskpart
  • List disk
  • Select disk X (X is the number given to your RAW external hard drive)
  • Format fs=NTFS Quick

Wait for some time and continue with these commands in the same window.

  • Select disk X
  • Create partition primary

After this is done, again in the same window,

  • List volume
  • Select volume X (it should show as 0 now)
  • Assign letter=N (or any other letter)
  • Exit
  • Restart your PC and you should now be able to see a healthy disk with a NTFS file system. You can use this external drive to store your data again.

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