SD Card Lost File Recovery

Recovering lost files from your SD card is made easy by YupTools Deleted Photo Recovery software! Deleted photos, songs, videos can be retrieved from your SD card in just a few simple steps.

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You clicked a ton of pictures on your phone at your friend’s birthday party. You are eager to share the best ones with your friends and family on social media. You go to Gallery on your phone to check out the best pictures. To your shock, there are no pictures showing under Camera application in your Gallery.

These pictures are not deleted. They are just invisible within the gallery. Let us explore some solutions to this issue.

1. Restart your device

One of the first things you should try is to reboot your device. After rebooting, go to your Gallery app and check if the photos are visible. If they are not, let’s try the below methods.

2. Reinsert your SD card

  • On your device, go to Settings -> Storage -> Unmount SD card. Unmount your SD card and turn off the device.
  • Take the SD card out of your phone. Wait for a few seconds and reinsert the SD card to your phone.
  • Now remount your SD card so that it can be read by the device.
  • After remounting the SD card, go to Gallery app and check if you can see the pictures.

3. Connect your SD card to a computer

Check if you are able to view pictures on your SD card when you connect it to a computer.

  • Unmount your SD card from the device. Take it out of your device.
  • Connect it to your computer directly or via card reader.
  • Now open the contents of your SD card folder and check if you can view all the pictures.

4. Delete nomedia files on your SD card

Ensure there are no .nomedia files on your SD card folders.

A .nomedia file is a blank file present within a folder. During the process of scanning, the media scanner does not scan this folder, hence no pictures appear in your Gallery app.

  • Go to your Gallery app.
  • Check if there are any folders or files named .nomedia. If you find it, delete the .nomedia file.

After deleting the .nomedia file, go back to your gallery and check if you can see the pictures.

5. Format your SD card

If none of the above solutions are working, you can format your SD card. Note that formatting gets rid of all your data. It is therefore advised to have a backup of all the data before going ahead with formatting.

Let us first recover all the data using the ever reliable YupTools Deleted Photo Recovery software.

How to Recover Your SD Card Pictures?

  • Download and install the latest version of YupTools Deleted Photo Recovery software.
  • Connect your SD card to the system.
  • Select Recover Photos.
  • Click on Recover Lost Photos.
  • Now select your SD card from where the data was lost and click Next.
  • The software performs a scan and shows you a list of recovered files. You can view them through Preview feature.
  • You can later save them to a destination folder of your choice.

You can also recover accidentally deleted files from your SD card.

Features of YupTools Deleted Photo Recovery Software

  • The powerful scanning mechanism ensures your hard drive is scanned in quick time and all pictures are restored in a short span of time.
  • The software also supports recovery of text, audios, videos, RAW images and other multimedia files.
  • You can categorise the restored files on the basis of file type, name and size.
  • The software does not alter the quality of your pictures in anyway. Safety of your data is therefore completely assured.

Supported Media cards – YupTools Photo Recovery software supports a wide range of media cards such as SD, CF, SDHC, XD, microSD, MMC, and so on.

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