Deleted Photo Recovery from Pen Drive

Have you ever wondered that, how to recover deleted photos from pen drive containing important pictures? Then don’t worry, as it is so easy to get back deleted photos from pen drive. But before going for recovery, let us first know in detail that, how can below situations leads to deletion of photos from pen drive.

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Reasons that causes photo deletion from pen drive:

  • Accidental Deletion: As pen drive is used as a portable device for data storage, it moves from one hand to another hand frequently. During this if some user select the photos that are present on the pen drive and mistakenly clicks on delete option, then this event will lead to deletion of photos which are saved on pen drive
  • Virus Attack: Most of the users use their pen drive on different system, where some systems are protected with antivirus and some systems are not. When users use such system for file transferring, which are not protected with antivirus then user's file will get infected with harmful viruses and gets deleted
  • Formatting: Users often choose this option in order to keep pen drive clean from any kind of errors. But sometimes, users get into situations where they are forced to format the pen drive even though it is containing vital data in it. Due to this users lose all the files present on that pen drive
  • Interruption: Users may lose photos from the pen drive, if there is any kind of interruption like system restart, shutting down of system etc. during the process of file transfer
  • Improper Handling of Pen Drive: Ejecting the pen drive that is connected to the system without proper procedure of ejection, can cost users in data loss
  • Sudden Power Failure: Suppose a user is using pen drive for copying the content to the system and that time there occur sudden power failure. This event might lead to some damage to the pen drive or cause some errors in system, which in turn make user to lose data from the pen drive.

As we had a glance to the situations that leads to photo deletion; now let’s see how to recover deleted photos from pen drive?

With the help of the most powerful code of YupTools Deleted Photo Recovery, it is so simple to retrieve deleted photos from pen drive. This Windows recovery software helps you to undelete photos from pen drives on all the latest Operating Systems of Windows like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 , Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Along with the deleted photos recovery, YupTools Deleted Photo Recovery software will also restores lost, corrupted and inaccessible photos from pen drive.

Other useful features of YupTools Deleted Photo Recovery:

  • Supports recovery from all the brands of pen drive manufactures like Transcend, iball, SanDisk etc
  • It will retrieve image files, audio files, video files and other documents
  • Recovered files can be sorted on the basis of file name, date and size
  • Allow users to save recovered files to any storage media
  • Saves user’s precious time by providing them an option called “Save Recovery Session”, using which users can avoid re-scanning of same device/drive again
  • You can use this software to recover photos deleted from Nikon D5100 camera, and also from all popular brands of Digital Cameras and their storage devices

Preventive Measures to be taken

  • Keep backup of all important files that you store in Pen drive
  • Immediately stop using your Pen drive if there is any data loss

Procedure to be followed:

  • Download demo version of YupTools Recover Windows software
  • Connect your pen drive to your computer and then launch the software
  • Main screen will display "Deleted File Recovery" and "Lost File Recovery" option. Choose the appropriate option
  • Quick scanning of all drives take place and displays all the drives
  • Select pen drive and click “Next
  • Scanning takes place displaying deleted/lost photos
  • Choose the file to be recovered and then click “Preview” option
  • To save the recovered file you have to purchase licensed version

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