Deleted Picture Recovery from OneDrive

It is no wonder that people make mistakes in deleting important files. And among all the reasons, accidental deletion seems to be the biggest reason due to which many people have paid a painful price!

Here’s a scenario that shows how desperate the user is after deleting important pictures from OneDrive. The user is eager to get a way to recover deleted pictures from OneDrive as soon as possible.

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I was stupid enough to trust my photos on the cloud. At first, all of my photos were successfully stored on the cloud. Then recently my computer needed to refresh and erased them. The photos were successfully still on my cloud afterwards so I never had put them back on my computer. Today after uploading some new pictures, I noticed some of my folders were empty. So of course I'm freaking out and have no idea how to recover. I tried looking in the Recycle Bin and still no luck. Please help? What do I do?"

If you are one among those, then don’t worry. Here we are going to discuss the problem of accidentally deleting the pictures and a reliable solution to restore deleted pictures from OneDrive.

Read on for restoring deleted photos from OneDrive

By default, the local folder location of OneDrive is C:\Users\*\OneDrive ("*" represents the username); this folder contains all the synced files & folders in your account. When you delete files mistakenly from OneDrive folder, there is still a way to recover them, no matter which method you use to delete the file.

Well, the good news is – YupTools Deleted Photo Recovery is proficient in helping you get back lost files, no matter the files are deleted permanently or gone with partition. This tool always finds a way to save you. Here, we are focusing on how to recover deleted files (pictures) from OneDrive in Windows.

“If you are a Windows user, you can also use YupTools Deleted Photo Recovery Utility to recover pictures from a crashed hard drive.”

Steps to restore pictures from OneDrive

Your OneDrive folder location is set as default at C:\Users\ [your username], which contains all the synced files and folders. When you delete something say pictures and your OneDrive and Windows Recycle Bin is cleared or emptied, there is one way of recovering deleted pictures, i.e. with the help of YupTools Deleted Photo Recovery Software.

Step 1: Download and install the software on healthy Windows computer.

Step 2: Choose “Deleted Photo Recovery” option from the main screen.

Step 3: Select the hard drive where the pictures were stored and click “Next” button.

Step 4: The software starts scanning of the selected drive and displays recoverable files.

Step 5: Choose the required image file formats and proceed with the recovery procedure.

Step 6: After some time, recovered files will be displayed. Preview and save them on any desired location.

About YupTools Deleted Photo Recovery Toolkit

YupTools Deleted Photo Recovery is a simple yet smart media file recovery software, which retrieves permanently deleted pictures along with audios and videos of various formats from your Windows PC. As the deleted data remains on the storage device unless it is overwritten, this software has a specially designed algorithm which is capable of identifying deleted files and restores them.

Tip to save yourself from losing files!

Always have a backup of all important files and folders on more than one storage device. You can also save your precious files in cloud services like Dropbox, Google drive, etc.

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