How To Find Lost Photos on Android?

“Last week I had captured many photos of trip which I went with my friends. Yesterday I was surprised to see that some of my photos are missing from my brand new Android Smartphone.
Now how to find lost photo on Android is the biggest question arising in my mind. So can anyone recommend a tool so that I can recover lost photos on Android? Please give me an easy and simple method to get back lost photos on Android.”

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Some Various scenarios that may lead to Photo loss in Android phones:

  • Improper Transferring: When you interrupt transferring process like when photo files are being transferred from Android Smartphone to system then it may lead to photo loss from phone.
  • Mishandling of SD card: Mishandling of SD card may also contribute to photo loss situations such as abrupt pulling of SD card when in use or using same SD card in different multiple devices.
  • Virus Attack: If your SD card is infected with harmful viruses then there are possibilities of photo loss situation to occur in Android Smartphones.
  • Formatting Card: Due to Formatting of SD card without marinating backup of it then it may lead to loss of photo.

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Avoid using single SD card in multiple devices.
  • Maintain backup of important photos.
  • Transfer files without any interruptions.

Why YupTools Recover for Android?

Recovering lost photos on Android can be done by using the most dynamic and robust tool- YupTools Recover for Android. This tool not only works on restoring lost photos on Android but also videos and audios from Android phones. It also supports Android based Tablets and Smartphones of all brands such as Samsung, Sony, HTC, Micromax, etc. It is user friendly thus anyone can use it without any pains.

Features of YupTools Recover For Android:

  • Ability to recover files of all file formats along with .apk file
  • Supports quick recovery of all multimedia files
  • Supports recovery of deleted Photos, videos and audios with ease
  • Compatible with all Windows OS versions and Windows server 2003 and 2008
  • Capability to create replica of SD card so that recovery can be done in future stages
  • It supports Android OS versions such as Froyo, Ice Cream Sandwich, Ginger Bread and Jelly Bean OS based Smartphone

Steps to follow:

  • Download demo version of YupTools Recover for Android software.
  • Connect your phone along with SD card to system.
  • Launch software and follow instruction displayed on screen.
  • Main screen will display “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery” option and choose the lost file recovery option.
  • Quick scanning of all drive take place and displays the drive connected to computer
  • Scanning takes place displaying all recovered/lost files.
  • Click “Smart Scan” option to avoid re-scanning when licensed version is used.
  • To save retrieved photo you have to buy licensed version.

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