Fix AVI Video on Mac

Occasionally, you may receive an AVI file from the source that just won’t play. What to do in such cases, when you need those files to be played? Sometimes, AVI players will automatically fix the issues and plays on media players, if not obviously you may search how to fix AVI video file on Mac that won’t play, how to repair avi video files, etc. If the corruption is worse and can’t be repaired by those tools then you should start looking for an independent application that can do this work efficiently and resolve your AVI video problem. So here is one simple solution for your issue!

Downloadplay avi video on mac Buy NowRepairing AVI Video

If you want to make your AVI video playable again, then you need to fix them with the help of repair program. YupTools Fix AVI Software is one such tool which will help you fixing AVI video file and make it playable in a smoother way without altering or changing its original file quality, that too in a short interval of time.

Make Use of YupTools Fix AVI Software to..

  • Fix AVI video files that are corrupted / damaged or broken due to any reasons
  • Repair *.avi file that refuse to play on any of the media players
  • Sometimes, due to avi file header corruption, AVI video file may get corrupted or damaged
  • Make AVI as a playable one that refuses to play
  • If the .AVI file is corrupted due to storage device corruption, then YupTools will fix and make it play properly
  • For repairing AVI video file that is damaged due to improper transferring of AVI file from one storage device to another
  • Repair .AVI video file broken due to the usage of unreliable third party software for file conversion process
  • Due to bad AVI index, video won’t play
  • AVI video file won’t play due to incompatible codecs, YupTools Fix AVI will even fix this problem also
  • Fix bad AVI video file suffering from any errors or other problems as well which are not listen under these cases..

Problems / Errors you may encounter while using Corrupt / Broken / Damaged AVI video File:

  • AVI Video file will not play in any of the media players
  • Plays audio but no video
  • Sometimes plays video and no audio
  • Video freezes but sound continues to play
  • While playing bad .avi file, video gets pixilated
  • Audio Video out of sync problems and more..

YupTools Fix AVI is a reliable software to fix all the above specified problems related to videos and will fix it in a correct way so that when you again try to play it, it will run in a healthy manner with proper audio and video sync on all versions of Mac Operating system

Rebuild AVI with YupTools Fix AVI Software:

  • This software will help you completely through each and every step of repairing process for fixing corrupt audio video AVI file using its powerful scanning technique
  • In case, if you're facing any audio video out of sync issue, then also you can use the same tool to fix this problem
  • Works fine on Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Lion versions of Mac OS X of 64 bit systems
  • It scans entire corrupt avi file and extracts content present in the file and fixes it, as a result of this, a newly created healthy AVI file will be given to you
  • YupTools Fix AVI will fix avi file / files stored in any of the storage devices i.e., internal hard drives or external hard disks, memory cards, mp3 / mp4 players, ipods, camcorders, flash drives and more!
  • Including AVI files, this application can even fix DIVX, XVID files
  • Repaired AVI video file can be viewed using "Preview" option
  • Fixed AVI video on Mac can be stored using "Save" option, once you get the paid version of YupTools Fix AVI software installed on your Mac OS X
  • AVI Video files after repair process can be stored into any of the storage devices i.e. internal hard drives / external hard disks

To use YupTools Fix AVI program, download it from the above given button. Demo version is for free, so that you can check its efficiency of fixing AVI video file in few simple steps. Using this software you can make AVI file work properly in just simple clicks of mouse.

How to Fix AVI Video using YupTools?

  • Download and Install YupTools Fix AVI on any version of Mac OS X system
  • Once it is installed, Run the application
  • Use "Browse" button to place your corrupt / damaged / broken AVI video file
  • Now click on "Repair" button
  • Once the fixing process is completed successfully, you can check the video using "Preview" button
  • Save fixed AVI Video using "Save" option

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