Repair Photoshop File Freezes while Opening

Nothing can be more ruffle than working for hours on a complicate and important Photoshop PSD file only to have the application freeze up. If your system doesn’t have enough memory or lacking in some system or storage space or if the file is very large, then Adobe Photoshop may freeze up suddenly. This may happen due to any cause not only mentioned one. But eventually it will make your .psd file inaccessible, until and unless you fix this issue you will not be able to use that file for any further use. So it is highly recommended to make use of good and reliable Photoshop repairing tool.

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Why Adobe Photoshop Freezes?

Photoshop PSD file may freeze anytime. This indicates that your file is being corrupted or damaged. Reasons for this can be anytime, this may be a result of abrupt closing of the Adobe Photoshop when the file is still processing or due to some other cause.

  • Changing the .psd file extension to something else, where Photoshop will fail to access unsupported files
  • If the files are severely infected with viruses then there are chances that Photoshop may stop responding
  • Abrupt shut down of the system when Photoshop is still running
  • Using untrusted tools for editing Photoshop files and then accessing such files using Adobe Photoshop
  • Opening Photoshop PSD files created using newer version in older version, Photoshop may freeze up when starting in such cases


  • When you try to open image file, Photoshop crashes
  • Hanging of Photoshop while saving file
  • Photoshop doesn’t open file you are trying to access
  • Sometimes you may get error messages while accessing

Some other causes are not listen above, you can consider all the errors and corruption of the Photoshop .psd file may freezes when opening. From the below given explanation learn how to fix this problem easily…

How to Unfreeze Photoshop?

By using YupTools Fix PSD Software you can easily fix Photoshop freezes when opening issue in just few simple clicks. This utility toolkit is well known for its repairing and fixing mechanism, which guides you fix corrupted .psd file without any data modification made to its original content and quality while repairing. Gives you healthy and error free Photoshop PSD file in a short interval of time by thoroughly scanning and fixing the issues present in the .psd Photoshop file.

  • Tool is 100% free from viruses
  • Supports fixing of the Photoshop .psd files from corruption, broken and damage issues
  • Scans PSD file layer by layer and extracts all the elements present in it. Gives back healthy and working PSD file back to the users

Benefits of Using YupTools Fix PSD Application:

  • Simple, interactive and user friendly repair wizard
  • Works on Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Win 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Server 2008 and Server 2003 successfully
  • Even if the .psd file is stored in external storage devices, then also you can make use of this app to repair corrupted PSD file easily
  • YupTools Fix PSD software supports all versions of Adobe Photoshop such as CC, CS6, CS5, CS4, CS3, CS2, CS1, etc.
  • Along with the .psd file you can even repair .pdd files
  • Preview option help you view the repaired content of the Photoshop file
  • And many other features are present in this tool. Once you download and install it you will have full access to the tool

Steps for Repairing PSD File:

  • Download - Install and Run
  • Click “Browse” option – Select the .psd file to be repaired
  • Hit on “Repair” option to initialize the fixing process
  • Wait…
  • “Preview” option will help you view the fixed Photoshop file – store that files by using “Save” option

Tips to Avoid PSD File Corruption Issues:

  • Do not use unreliable tools for editing PSD files
  • Avoid file conversion
  • Always maintain the regular backup of essential Photoshop files
  • Make use of updated antivirus tool to avoid virus infection

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