Retrieving 8GB Formatted Pen Drive Data

“When I connected my 8GB pen drive to Windows based computer, it showed shortcut and none of the files stored in pen drive were visible. Many of my friends told me that it is due to virus infection and need to format pen drive. I formatted it, but all files and folders stored in my 8GB pen drive was deleted permanently. I really want those data back
How do I recover data from formatted 8GB pen drive?”

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Most of the pen drive users fallen into this type of situation. You might have lost your favourite videos, movies, music files, precious photos and many other files. Don’t think that recovering files from formatted pen drive is impossible. In this fast growing technological world everything is easy and possible, so as retrieving 8GB formatted pen drive data!

Possibility of Recovering Files after Formatting Pen drive

After formatting pen drive or any other portable drives data stored in it will be deleted permanently and can’t be recovered. Need a small correction in the above sentence, after formatting pen drive only the file reference will be deleted but data will still be present in the same drive location and is very much possible to recover data from formatted 8GB pen drive with the help of recovery tool and YupTools Recover Hard Drive Software plays excellent role in finding and restoring deleted or missing data from pen drive in few simple steps.

In order to recover data from formatted 8GB pen drive, it is recommended to make use of YupTools Recover Hard Drive Software which makes it possible to perform recovery process easily. It is one of the easiest and quick solution for recovering files from 8GB pen drive after format.

Cases which leads to formatting pen drive

  • Error message pop up showing as “disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?”, when you click on yes option then all you files will be deleted. If you choose to click on No option, then you will not be able to access your pen drive
  • If the pen drive is virus infected, then in order to wipe out the viruses from your portable disk you may choose to format your pen drive
  • File system corruption is also one of the reason for formatting pen drive. If the file system of the pen drive is corrupted, then you format it and end up losing files stored in it
  • Intentionally formatting pen drive without taking backup of the files stored in it, then all files and folders will be deleted permanently

It can be any other cause due to which you formatted your 8GB pen drive or if you've formatted your PC and facing loss of important files. Recovery of files is possible with the help of YupTools Recover Hard Drive Utility regardless of reasons. Its advanced recovery technique will restore everything you deleted or lost due to any reason.


Formatted 8GB pen drive data recovery is possible in few a short interval of time when you follow below mentioned few essential points

  • Stop using your pen drive after losing files
  • Avoid adding of new files/data to the pen drive
  • Make use of good antivirus program to avoid virus infection
  • Maintain backup of data based on regular basis

YupTools Recover Hard Drive Features

  • Software can be installed on Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Win7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012
  • Along with recovering files from formatted 8GB pen drive, you can recover photos from XD card after formatting and get back deleted or lost data from other external storage drives like Memory cards, Micro SD, Mini SD, Compact Flash Card, Digital Cameras, iPods, External hard drive, and etc. of all popular brands
  • Software doesn’t alter or change the original content of the files while recovering. Data will remain as it was before deletion
  • “Save Recovery Session” will help you stop and restart recover process anytime
  • Recovered pen drive files can be stored on any storage location
  • Retrieved data from formatted 8GB pen drive can be separated on the basis of file size, file type and file name

Pen Drive Data Recovery Steps

  • Download YupTools Recover Hard Drive Software on any version of Windows OS
  • Connect your pen drive to software installed computer
  • Run the application and select “Recover Drives” option from the first screen and then select “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option in the second screen
  • Select Pen drive partition from the available drives list and proceed to next recovery screen
  • Now click on “Next” option to start recovery process. It will take some time to complete the process based on the amount of files deleted
  • After the completion of the recovery process, you can check recovered files by selecting “Preview” option and stored them using “Save” option

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