How to Restore Deleted Files after Format on Windows 7?

Well, it is common thing in everyone’s life term that sooner or later he/she might lose valuable data stored on computers. It might be an accidental format of an entire hard drive or a single partition due to which all the files available on the disk would gets deleted. We can find lots and lots of queries regarding this issue on forums. Let’s see one of them

“Someone help please!

Is it possible to recover deleted files after format? Yesterday, my little brother formatted my drive on Windows 7, on which I have saved my job photos and files. I need to recover them back. Any idea would be appreciated.”

DownloadHow to Restore Deleted Files after Format on Windows 7 Buy NowDeleted Files Retrieval after Format from Windows 7

The simple answer for the above scenario is yes! So, let us find the solution. But, before moving towards the solution, it is important to know what action must be taken immediately after formatting the Windows 7 hard drive or partition due to which the files on it got deleted. So, the very first thing would be avoiding the usage of Windows 7 hard drive further. It is recommended to remove the drive from the computer and keep it in a safe place so that any further damage and over writing of data would be avoided. In short, we can say that it all depends on how much the drive has been not been used after format to have an effective recovery of deleted files from Windows 7.


When it comes to formatting a drive or a partition on Windows, it is not at all possible to recover deleted files from Recycle Bin folder. So, once you format the Windows 7 drive, the files on it will be gone (not permanently). Hence, under such circumstance it is better to go with a hard drive recovery tool called YupTools Recover Hard Drive. As long as the Windows 7 drive is safe from over writing, the chances of to retrieve deleted files after format will be more.

Features of YupTools Recover Hard Drive Application

  • Easy-to-use interface make the deleted files recovery after format on Windows 7 process very simple
  • Its advanced algorithm will recognize any type of deleted files and effectively recovers them back after format
  • It also helps in recovering files after format from Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista, etc along with Windows 7
  • The file system might be of any type (NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT, FAT16, FAT32), the app will helps to retrieve deleted files
  • The toolkit will also recover files which has been lost or deleted after corruption of partitions
  • Supports recovery of deleted files after format from all popular brands of external hard drives as well
  • Even aids in retrieving files from RAW, unbootable, dead, and failed hard drives
  • One of the most important factor about YupTools Recover Hard Drive Program is that It helps in recovering data from bad sectored hard drive by creating disk images
  • What’s more, it is possible to preview the recovered files after recovery
  • Even you can arrange the restored files according to name, size, type, and date of creation
  • You can contact technical support team in case of any queries regarding the product

Follow these simple guidelines to find deleted files after format from Windows 7

  • Connect the Windows 7 hard disk to a healthy Windows computer
  • Download and install YupTools Recover Hard Drive to that system
  • Run the app and initiate the data recovery process by following on screen instructions
  • Select “Recover Drives” option from the main screen
  • Choose “Formatted/ Re Formatted Recovery” option
  • Now, pick the appropriate drive and click on “Next
  • The YupTools Recover Hard Drive App scans the entire hard drive carefully and the deleted files after format will be recovered
  • Restored data can be previewed using “Preview” option
  • Finally, save retrieved files on any Windows accessible devices

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