Recover Files from Bad Hard Drive

If you are a regular computer user, then you probably know the cardinal rule of computing that the hard drive failure or a hard drive going bad is inevitable! Sooner or later, it may happen with majority of computers users. So, to rescue files present on a bad hard drive, everybody has to learn to backup.

Imagine this: You are busy in preparing a project report and you want to access some word documents. You started your computer, get ready to find your files, and…. Nothing happens. A message will pop up that the drive is unreadable. And some other attempts say that the drive is corrupt.

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The above scenario is a very good example of a bad hard drive. Before you panic and call the drive as corrupted or had went bad, there are several things you could do yourself to retrieve files from a hard drive. So, the very first thing is remove the suspected hard drive and connect to a healthy computer. If you find that drive is readable, then it is well and good. If your files on hard drive do not show up even in the secondary computer, then you are at those depressed moment in life where you find how much your hard work and treasured moments are literally worth to you! Well, here is good news: Often the data from a bad hard drive is recoverable with the help of a great data recovery tool like YupTools Recover Hard Drive Software.

Causes for the Bad Hard Drive

Something has to cause the hard drive to go bad right? Like

  • External threats like severe virus, malware or spyware attacks can damage the hard drive after which the it turns bad and inaccessible
  • Some logical errors during OS reinstallation, boot sector / MBR corruption, presence of numerous bad sectors on hard drive, registry corruption, etc. can also result in bad drive
  • The factors like interrupted format / reformat process, installing unsecure applications on hard drive, following incorrect way to create or extend the partitions, etc. can corrupt the hard drive and make it to go bad which directly results in loss of precious files

Note: To retrieve data from bad sectored hard drive, you need to create disk image first and then recover files from it. YupTools Recover Hard Drive Application will perform both the tasks easily.

Restore Files from Bad Hard drive with YupTools Recover Hard Drive Program

When dealing with the loss of files issue on hard drive, the first and foremost thing to keep is mind is that not to work with the drive. Every second the drive is used is a second that you lose the chances of data recovery. So, remove the hard drive and keep it in a safe place. Now, download the YupTools Recover Hard Drive App on a healthy Windows computer and laptop and then follow these below recovery steps to pull out files from a bad hard drive.

  • Connect the bad hard drive to the computer
  • Run the program by double clicking the icon present on desktop
  • Choose “Recover Drives” option from the main screen
  • Now, two basic recovery modes like “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted/ Re formatted Recovery” will be displayed. Select “Partition Recovery” option
  • Choose the drive from which you are looking to retrieve files
  • Click on “Next” and wait for sometime
  • All the recovered files from the bad hard drive will be displayed
  • Preview the files before saving

Features of YupTools Recover Hard Drive

  • Basically designed to recover files from the hard drive which have been went bad, failed, corrupted, and also to restore formatted hard drive
  • It has been developed using simple GUI
  • It helps in restoring various file types like documents, pictures, audios, presentations, videos, texts, emails, etc
  • Supports recovery of files from the drives formatted with FAT and NTFS file systems
  • Retrieved files can be arranged on the basis of name, size, type, and date of creation
  • Free demo version helps to get back and save upto 1GB of data

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