Restoring Files from Unbootable Windows


I need to get pictures and files from an XP operating system that will not boot up. Is it easier to just fix the booting issue and get the files off from Windows hard drive? The drive is not at all important for me; I just need the files present on it. What is the right way to solve this issue?”

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Well, the majority of systems ships with a single partition, on which you can store both system files as well as user files. The system files include the operating system files along with the bootable files required to boot the system. However, due to some issues the system files fails to start up the system and you will lose all the files present on the Windows hard drive.

Why Windows System won’t Boot up?

More often, you may encounter with some abnormal behavior while you try to start the computer. Like for instance, you may get some error messages with a completely black screen. And the situation makes the system unbootable resulting in inaccessibility of files present on Windows computer. We can list out many reasons for such a situation to arise. Some of the most common reasons are as below

Virus Attack

Viruses are the main reason for an unbootable Windows system. A Virus such as Trojan is very dangerous in making the hard drive unbootable. Further, there are malware programs, which can also make the files inaccessible. So, you need to have a good anti-virus program on your system to avoid any file loss from the unbootable Windows in either of the case.

Dual operating system

You can install two operating systems on a single drive. If any improper way used to create a dual operating system environment makes the hard drive unbootable.

Un-trusted Software

There are software available on the Internet as free. Most of them are un-trusted and stand a risk of turning dangerous. They also make the Windows system dead by making the hard drive unbootable.

Apart from these, formation of bad sectors also plays a vital role in making the Windows hard drive not to boot.

Solution to Retrieve Files from Unbootable Windows

However, when you get a message saying that your hard drive is unbootable, you need not worry about the files as the data remains intact on the Windows hard drive. You can always attach the hard disk which is not booting to a healthy computer restoring files.

If this solution fails, then you have to make use of a professional tool to find out files from unbootable Windows. YupTools Recover Hard Drive is the most reliable and simple tool to get back files from unbootable Windows hard drive. The software provides you with advanced mechanism that helps in recovering files when the system fails to boot. This program makes your files on unbootable Windows accessible. It helps to recover files such as documents, presentations, emails, texts, compressed files, audios, videos, images, and many more.

Preparations to be done to Recover Files

Remove the unbootable Windows hard drive and connect it to healthy computer. After this, download and install the YupTools Recover Hard Drive Application on that computer. Then run the software and follow the below guidelines.

Step by Step Guide

  • A welcome with three basic options will be displayed. Select “Recover Drives” option
  • After you hit on “Next” button, another screen showing two recovery modes like “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted/Re Formatted Recovery" will be appeared
  • Choose “Partition Recovery” option
  • Select the non bootable drive and click on “Next”
  • Application will scan and recover all the files present on the drive
  • The restored data can now be previewed and saved on preferred location

Note: You can also arrange the retrieved files according to file name, size, type, date of creation or modification.

Useful Attributes of YupTools Recover Hard Drive Wizard

  • Along with unbootable Windows, the software will also recover data from failed, dead, formatted Windows hard drive
  • Beside the recovery of data from internal hard drive, it will recover data from external hard disks, pen drives, memory cards, etc.
  • Supports recovery of files from the devices formatted with FAT and NTFS file systems
  • Well suited to install on all the popular Windows OS versions like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc.

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