Restoring Windows XP 64-Bit Data

Are you looking to restore data from Windows XP 64-bit version computer? While data loss from Windows XP or any other Windows device is unavoidable, with proper guidance and precautions, it can be recovered. The very first thing for the successful recovery of Windows XP 64-bit data recovery is to make sure that you have stopped to boot up or use Windows XP computer. The reason behind this is to avoid overwriting of data present on system’s hard drive. Once you have this insight, the next step is to move towards recovering data.

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That one ray of hope for every data loss situations - Regular Backup!

Often, data will be lost because we don’t adopt any backup strategies. Making data backups regularly on more than one device will definitely save crucial information and helps to retrieve data from 64-bit Windows XP computer.

No Backup?

Then utilizing YupTools Recover Hard Drive will be the good option! Well, this Windows XP 64-bit data recovery program is said to be the most helpful tool to get back data from Windows XP 64-bit computer. Through its Do-it-Yourself interface, any layman can carry out a risk-free recovery process. What’s more, the application is the one stop solution for various data loss scenarios with respect to Windows XP computer.

Recognizing the Leading Causes for Windows XP Data Loss

Whether it may be 64 or 32 bit of Windows XP system, it is very unfortunate to loss data. Multiple reasons are responsible for this…

The built-in disk management tool for Windows XP doesn’t have comprehensive management functions to manage disk and partitions. Due to this, people tend to choose third party tools, which is not absolutely secure. The third party tools may damage the partitions and make data inaccessible. Another important reason for the loss of Windows XP 64-bit data is due to its hard drive corruption. The reasons behind the corruption are virus infection on the drive and drive’s file system damage. Further, accidentally formatting of XP’s hard drive and operating system re-installation without taking any backup are also be listed for data loss from Windows XP 64-bit computers.

YupTools Recover Hard Drive Tool Helps in…

NTFS/FAT Partition Recovery

NTFS and FAT are the two common file systems supported by Windows XP. Usually, YupTools Recover Hard Drive supports recovery of files from both file systems when files are lost due to deletion, partition format, or even due to partition deletion and loss.

Recovering RAW Partition Data

RAW drive error is a common problem on all Windows computer, which means that the original NTFS or FAT file system has changed to RAW. When partition becomes RAW, you may get disk not formatted error message, and you might be in a difficult choice whether to format. Well, it is suggested to ignore the format option and run YupTools software to perform a deep scan on the partition that shows the error. However, you can format the partition to convert its file system to FAT or NTFS when data has been restored and saved in another storage device.

Restoring Lost Partition Files

It is already mentioned in this page that viruses or Trojans are one of the main causes for loss of data. Windows XP partitions may get deleted or lost due to these malwares. So, to find lost or deleted Windows XP 64-bit data, YupTools Recover Hard Drive Application is helpful.

Retrieving Formatted Drive Data

If any partition from Windows XP system is formatted accidentally or mistakenly, then make use of YupTools Recover Hard Drive Utility and easily restore formatted Windows data. Generally, formatting a partition erases all data and you are able to write new data to the partition. But, you are highly restricted to do this because, if the space where formatted files is occupied by the new added data, the original files can’t be retrieved.

Apart from the above mentioned scenarios, YupTools Recover Hard Drive also retrieves data when Windows XP 64-bit computer hard drive gets failed, crashed, and even when it is not booting up.

Easy Steps to Get Back Data

  • Download and install the software on a healthy computer
  • Run the software
  • Choose “Recover Drives” from the main screen
  • Select “Partition Recovery” option from the second screen
  • Choose the appropriate Windows XP partition and initiate the process

Well, once the recovery is done you can preview recovered files prior saving on any desired location expect the one from where you have restored files i.e. 64-bit Windows XP hard drive.

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